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Septic Tank Services & Portable Restroom Rental

Septic Tank Services

Millsaps Services offers a wide range of septic tank services for residential and commercial customers. Whatever your septic tank need may be, you can rest assured knowing that it will be handled by the experts.


Liquid Waste Pumping/Hauling

Millsaps Septic can dependably and professionally vacuum, pump, and haul the liquid waste and sludge from septic tanks, or other liquid waste receptacles. Please give us a call to discuss your wastewater needs and projects.


Septic Tank Maintenance

Septic tank systems require frequent maintenance to continue operating efficiently. If you have not had your system inspected or pumped in a while, it may be time for routine maintenance. Contact us to learn more about how our septic tank maintenance service works.

Portable Restroom / Toilet Rentals

Millsaps Services specializes in portable restrooms and toilet rentals as well. These surprisingly convenient units are perfect for your next outdoor event, home, or commercial project and include delivery, servicing, and pick-up.

Boudoir Portable Toilet

When you’re looking for a special event-class restroom at an affordable cost, look no further than the Boudoir. This roomy, yet manageable, unit offers the epitome of comfort in a non-trailer-based portable unit. The flushing tank with multiple flush options (fresh water, recirculating, or combo flush) is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. The sturdy 22-gallon hand wash station has a large towel dispenser and provides adequate capacity for larger events. A motion-activated light, oversized mirror, multiple coat/purse hooks, and an antibacterial toilet seat cleaner provide even the most discriminating special event customer with a high level of comfort and convenience.
Millsaps Services Portable Toilet Rentals

Integra Portable Toilet

As the most popular of the PolyStandard units, the single-wall Integra melds the benefits of the ever-popular PolyStandard with a larger integral-spring hinged door. This larger door opening gives service technicians easier access to the unit for cleaning and also allows easier access for end-users in bulky clothing, tool belts, and hard hats. In addition, the wider door gives the perception that the unit is actually larger than its 43″ x 47″ base.
Millsaps Services Truck

Enhanced Access Portable Toilet

The Enhanced Access Unit (EAU) provides convenient access for persons who prefer a large portable restroom. it has been successfully used by patrons in wheelchairs, though it is not ADA-approved. Thousands are in service, both in the United States and around the world. The EAU, like its ADA-compliant cousin the Senator, includes full-width handrail assemblies that overlap most corners, adding strength and rigidity to the unit. A pneumatic door closer is balanced by a heavy-duty cable spring for comfortable, consistent, and predictable access. A 1/2″ thick polyethylene extrusion floor provides maximum rigidity and near ground-level access.
Millsaps Services Portable Toilet Rentals
Millsaps Services Portable Toilet Rentals

Portable Restroom Trailer

We have two portable restroom trailers. The portable restroom trailers have 3 bathrooms (with 3 doors) in each trailer. One trailer is white and the other is champagne.
millsaps trailer

Hand Wash Stations

In addition to portable restrooms, we also have hand wash station rentals available. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Tag-Along Hand Wash Station

Looking for a versatile stand-alone hand wash station that is perfect for small- to medium-sized events or sites, yet provides all of the features of the industry-leading Super Twin series? Look no further than the Tag Along. Its rugged construction matches the high quality of the Super Twin, yet its lightweight footprint makes it simple to transport. In fact, the Tag-Along will fit inside most standard portable restroom units for delivery. The days of making two trips to deliver two restrooms and a sink are over!
Millsaps Services Portable Toilet Rentals

Super Twin Hand Wash Station

The flagship of the PolyPortables hand wash fleet, the Super Twin’s durability, easy maintenance, and money-saving features make it the industry’s premier hand washing station. With double the handwashing capacity of most standard units on the market–including two molded-in, maintenance-free spigots, two patented high-capacity spray soap dispensers, and a lockable towel dispenser–the Super Twin is the perfect choice for large construction sites, festivals, or other highly-attended events.
Millsaps Services Portable Toilet Rentals
When it comes to septic tanks and portable restroom rentals, there is no better company to call than Millsaps Services. If you’re located in Chester, SC or the surrounding area, you cannot go wrong with choosing Millsaps Services for your septic tank and portable toilet needs.

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